Safety Consulting

Perhaps you are a facilities manager who has health and safety as an “additional duty as assigned.”  Or perhaps you are a safety professional who simply has too much to do.  In either case, we can assist you with assessment, training, recordkeeping, and management of all your safety programs.  Whether it’s one small project or ongoing management, we’ll help you get there.

School District Health and
Safety Financial Management

Meridian has more experience in the area of Minnesota K-12 health and safety funding than any other consulting firm. We believe that it starts and ends with the funding process, and we also know that many districts are sailing without a chart in this area.  If your district’s safety budget has prior-year negative adjustments, or you have cash-flow problems or short-term borrowing due to back-levy timing issues, we can solve them.  We are thoroughly versed in the Uniform Financial Accounting and Recordkeeping System (UFARS), and we understand the Minnesota Department of Education’s approval and accounting process.  This is the area where our clients typically see the largest benefit from their relationship with Meridian.

Computer-Aided Safety and Facilities Management

CAFM systems are a dime-a-dozen, except that the “dime” is typically more like tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum.  We have experience with most of the major CAFM systems in use, and can assist you with management or development of your existing system.

We also have created the Facilitate™ family of powerful database tools, including FacilitateFM™ and FacilitateHS™ for safety and facilities management, and FacilitateCL™ for easily completing the MDE IAQ checklist requirements, and FacilitateMSDS™ for online access to Material Safety Data Sheets.   All programs in the Facilitate™ family use the same intuitive, easy-to-use navigation system, and all are priced significantly below competing systems.

Database Development

Facilities and safety managers require instant access to data. Meridian has created numerous custom-designed software applications and databases for clients wishing to streamline their work processes, such as in the areas of training, recordkeeping, financial management, inventory systems, work order systems, and many more. If we haven't already created it for someone else, we can listen to your needs and create an application or database designed specifically for you.

Environmental Management

Meridian offers commercial and governmental owner’s representative consulting services in the areas of asbestos, mold, UST, AST, and Phase I and II assessment, including assessment, inspection, project design, and project management.

Security Consulting and Vulnerability Assessment

Our in-house staff has decades of experience assessing and managing security needs, ranging from K-12 schools to airports to government agencies and the military.  Meridian provides vulnerability assessment, recommendations, security system commissioning, and on-site security management.

Crisis Management

Navigating through the political and liability nightmare of crisis management plans and policies is one of Meridian’s specialties.  Our staff has created dozens of plans for schools and corporations, and includes two nationally-recognized speakers in the areas of crisis management and prevention.  Meridian can help you create and implement a plan, conduct training and simulations, and craft your policies to avoid liability pitfalls.

On-site Management

Many clients need ongoing assistance with management of their programs.  Small to medium organizations don’t need full-time staff dealing with safety or security, for example, and when they try to combine them into one in-house position, they get an employee who is excellent in one area but perhaps lacking in another.  Meridian solves this problem with our team consulting approach.

Perhaps your safety needs equal a half-time staff person, and your security needs equal a quarter FTE.  Meridian has been able to fill this type of need by providing an experienced safety professional two or three days per week, and an experienced security professional one day per week (as an example).  This type of arrangement eliminates the lack of proficiency in one or more of an employee’s areas of responsibility by providing experts that specialize in each area, and teaming up to provide seamless delivery.  Other benefits include the lack of employee benefits, as well as the ability to cancel the arrangement at any time.  Any type of job responsibility, including safety, air quality, security, environmental, finance and budget, and some facilities functions can be handled in this manner.  A Meridian consultant can even be the overall manager and one-point-of-contact if desired.