Meridian Consulting Group is proud to offer FacilitateFM™.  FacilitateFM™ is a user-friendly affordable facility management system designed designed originally for schools but is easily adaptable to any type of facility. The system is designed for facility managers and planners, not your IT department. FacilitateFM™ offers the following technical and content features:

Technical Features

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Very short learning curve with limited training necessary.

  • Self-building value lists for consistent data entry and management

  • User-customizable reports, interface, and database

  • Open Database Connectivity—Allows importation to or from virtually any other database, including energy management systems.

  • Cross-platform connectivity ( runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac OS X - see minimum hardware requirements for more info)

  • Flexible hosting configuration scalable from laptop or workstation to server network.

  • Pictures, floor plans, construction specs, manuals, and other documents may be added easily to any part of the program by the user for tracking purposes.

  • One-time cost.  There are no annual costs.  Once you purchase the license, it’s yours forever.

  • Free local set-up (Twin Cities area only).  FacilitateFM™ will be installed and set-up on your server or workstation for free at your location.  The software was developed in the Twin Cities, so Twin Cities users have a more direct connection with the developers.

  • Fully customizable to your specifications. (on request at additional cost)

  • Full integration with FacilitateHS™

  • True drawing inter-operability. Connect or retrieve data visually by simply clicking on the drawings themselves.
    (on request at additional cost)

  • Based on FileMaker® Pro 8.5 software, which has the largest support community of any development software in the world.

  • Fully functional demonstration copy available on request

Content Features

  • Equipment Module

    • Tracks the parameters of mechanical equipment throughout your facilities. 
    • Keeps a history of corrective and preventative maintenance for each piece of equipment, so managers can easily determine the cost and maintenance history by individual piece, department, building, or organization. 
    • Includes written preventative maintenance procedures so that automated works orders can be generated that include everything the maintenance technician needs. 
    • Pictures and supporting documents may be included for each piece of equipment as well. 
    • Customized reports can be created that will detail the cost or history all the way down to an individual piece of equipment, or all the way out to the entire organization, over a time period the user specifies. 
    • FacilitateFM™ also will track the condition and life-cycle of equipment, and will calculate maintenance and capital outlay needs for any time in the future the user specifies.
    • Integrated with scheduled maintenance module.

  • Work Order Module

    • Allows individual users to generate corrective work orders, which can be routed in an infinite number of ways.  (For example, a custodian may generate a work request, which is sent to the facility manager, who then can approve, deny, or place the request on hold.  If approved, the order is then routed to the individual responsible for that type of work at that specific location.  This may be a maintenance technician, a vendor, or anyone at all.)
    • Tracks cost of labor and materials of the work and can report the cost of maintenance per piece of equipment, per room, per building, per department, or over the whole organization, and over any time period the user specifies.
    • Online intranet access for submitting work requests. Anyone you designate can submit work order requests from any computer connected to your intranet through a browser.

  • Scheduled Maintenance Module

    • Allows "set it but never forget it" scheduling of recurring preventative maintenance for equipment, roofs and exterior hard surfaces.
    • Auto-generates work orders at user-selected intervals
    • Fully integrated with equipment, roof and exterior hard surface modules for easy access and setup.

  • Warranties

    • Warranty tracking currently is included for equipment, roofs and exterior hard surfaces.
    • Powerful reporting tool enables the facility manager to take advantage of warranty coverage for costly repairs and save money$$.
    • Allows assessment of the condition of items whose warranties will expire soon, and arrange for warranty service if necessary.  In our experience, this feature alone will save the average organization thousands of dollars per year.

  • Roof Module

    • Tracks the parameters of all roofs, including construction materials (membrane, flashing, perimeter, etc), hazardous materials (such as asbestos), repair and maintenance history, warranties, vintage, and vendor.
    • Integrated with scheduled maintenance module.

  • Exterior Hard Surfaces Module

    • Tracks the parameters of all exterior hard surfaces, including parking lots, sidewalks, courts, etc.  Includes sufacing materials, vintage, warranties, maintenance history, and vendor information.
    • Integrated with scheduled maintenance module.

  • Space Module

    • Tracks general building, floor, and room information, such room finish material (floors, walls, windows, etc.), warranties, and maintenance history.

  • Addition Module

    • All additions are demarcated and identified, which makes construction, remodeling, maintenance, and MDE reporting much more simple.  A built-in Age and Facilities Square Footage Report is included.

  • Health & Safety Module - FacilitateHS™ (available at additional cost)

  • Drawings Module (optional at additional cost)

    • Allows full integration of floor plans with FacilitateFM™ and FacilitateHS™ for click and retrieve ease of use.
    • Allows users to quickly and easily connect related information. For example, you can select an AHU and simply click on spaces to highlight those areas the AHU is servicing. The related data is connect and updated automatically in the background.
    • Fully customizable to your desires from entering data to highlighting spaces to generating reports.

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Don't just take our word for it...

“This software does everything that the other packages we looked at do, but for one fifth of the cost.” ~ Board member


“This is newsworthy.  The community should see how efficient we are being, and how we have added more accountability as well as the ability to defend our business decisions with data.”
~ Board member

FacilitateFM™ seemed the clear choice this summer when we were comparing programs.  Now that we have data in it and can really understand how it can be used for so many things, I’m confident we made the right decision.”
~ Dr. Deirdre Wells, Superintendent


“The usefulness of this program is way beyond what we’re talking about here.  Long term, I see us being able to use this for measuring performance, justifying more staff, determining building closing or construction issues, facility planning; the list is endless.” ~ Board member

“We’re not flying blind anymore.”
~ Bruce Rimstad, Business manager


FacilitateFM™ integrated seamlessly with our network.  It’s practically invisible.” 
~ Lynn Tenney, Director of Technology

“This program is dangerous to us…”
~ Architect (whispered comment overheard during demonstration to school board)