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Our software is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements, unlike off-the-shelf solutions which may not fully align with your business processes.

In the 21st century, data management is a critical aspect of safety and facilities management. At Meridian Consulting Group, we understand this need and have developed a suite of software applications designed to streamline your processes and enhance your efficiency.

Our solutions are designed with the modern manager in mind, blending traditional methods with cutting-edge technology. They feature:

In addition to our main software solutions, we have developed many smaller applications as part of our consulting process. All of our software applications are the result of requests from clients. If your needs aren't met by the list of applications on this page, please contact us to see what we've got in development, or to suggest something you think would be beneficial.

Our Software Solutions:



Meridian Consulting Group is proud to offer FacilitateSDS™ as a convenient, affordable solution to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) access. FacilitateSDS™ is an online hosting solution for SDS distribution. Eliminate the need for paper binders with this OSHA-compliant database.



Meridian Consulting Group is proud to offer FacilitateCL™ as a convenient, affordable solution to the annual Indoor Air Quality Teacher's Checklist. FacilitateCL™ is an online survey specifically designed for collecting and reporting information on your facilities' indoor air quality.

Ready to streamline your processes and enhance your programs? Contact us today to learn more about our services and software solutions.

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