Consulting is about navigation.  Consultants help you chart a course from where you are to where you need to be.  Whether it’s compliance, project management, data management, design, or just technical efficiency, a consultant’s approach is the same:  We get you there.

“Where do you need to go?”

Meridian Consulting is a group of seasoned professionals, all specializing in different areas.  We are your chart, map, or compass.  Our organizational structure allows you the use of our services with one point of contact.  We’re about depth, combined with efficiency.

Whether you are an experienced professional with too much on your plate, or you need help navigating in areas that aren’t your focus, Meridian Consulting Group can help you get there.

Meridian:  “A circle around the globe passing through both the North and South geographic poles, and whose points are all on the same longitude.”

A geographic meridian line is both all-encompassing and narrowly-focused.  When you need a safety or facilities consultant, you don’t need an architect or contractor.  You need a group that has a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience, but you need the focus to be related to your needs.  Our staff and services are varied and reflect the multifaceted nature of safety, health, facilities, security, and environmental concerns.  Those services also reside on the same line, however, and have the same focus.

Beyond Compliance

We take compliance consulting to a new level.  Compliance shouldn’t be intrusive or expensive.  We offer compliance solutions that save you time, minimally impact your business processes, and may actually improve your bottom line.

Genuine Consulting

Our focus is to assess, advise, and manage.  We don’t simply identify your needs and then try to sell you a
one-size-fits-all solution. We provide customized, client-specific services.

Integrity:  “A well-defined notion of one’s responsibilities.”

A true consultant is an owner’s representative—not a contractor. Our responsibility to our clients includes identifying needs and advising on how to meet them.  If we are supervising a contractor as an owner’s representative, we can’t also be the contractor, supervising our own work.  It sounds simple, but there is no shortage of vendors offering to do both in the name of “efficiency.”


We’re not locked-into doing things a certain way.  We evolve constantly, and we pair our experience and knowledge with the latest and best tools available.  Databases, specialized computer applications, and sophisticated metrics are integrated smoothly into our delivery of services to you.

Regional Presence

Meridian has staff in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and Rochester, MN.