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Welcome to Meridian Consulting Group, your compass in the world of Health & Safety, Public Finance, Facilities Management, Database Design, and Environmental Management. We are a team of seasoned professionals, each specializing in different areas, committed to guiding you from where you are to where you need to be.

Our name, Meridian, symbolizes our approach. A geographic meridian line is both all-encompassing and narrowly-focused, passing through both the North and South geographic poles. Similarly, our services span a broad range of areas, yet maintain a sharp focus on your specific needs.

Whether you're an experienced professional seeking to lighten your load, or you need guidance in areas outside your expertise, we're here to help. Our organizational structure allows for efficient communication with a single point of contact, ensuring a seamless experience.

We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and experience, reflecting the multifaceted nature of safety, health, facilities, security, and environmental concerns. Yet, all our services align with a common focus: guiding you to your destination with the least amount of effort.

At Meridian Consulting Group, we believe in genuine consulting. We assess, advise, and manage, providing customized, client-specific services. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; we believe in solutions that fit you.

With a regional presence in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and Rochester, MN, we understand the unique needs of our community. Our ideal client is school systems, and we're deeply committed to providing them with the guidance they need to navigate their challenges successfully.

Join us on a journey towards success. Discover the Meridian difference today.

Join us on a journey towards success.

Discover the Meridian difference today.

meet our team

Meet the team that's ready to guide you on your journey towards success.

Meridian Consulting is a group of seasoned professionals, all specializing in different areas. We are your chart, map, or compass. Our organizational structure allows you the use of our services with one point of contact. We’re about depth, combined with efficiency. Our team's diverse skills and experiences reflect the multifaceted nature of the challenges you face. But just like points on a meridian line, our services all align with a common focus: guiding you to your destination with the least amount of effort.

David Slomkowski

Managing Director

David has created and managed the safety programs of dozens of Minnesota school districts and industrial clients. He is an expert on government health and safety finance, and specializes in streamlining and organizing the budgeting process. He was the Director of Health, Safety, and Facilities Consulting Services for Minnesota’s largest K-12 consulting firm, where he started in 1994. David is also a nationally-recognized speaker in the field of crisis management.

William Bombardier

Director of Technical Services

Will has extensive experience with database design and implementation, and also has a background in facilities, safety, and environmental project management. He specializes in the creation and management of software that significantly streamlines all of Meridian’s services. From facilities management to health and safety to information technology, Will has a lengthy history of solving clients’ process management needs. Will is the lead developer and manager of Meridian’s Facilitate™ software family, consisting of FacilitateFM™, FacilitateHS™, FacilitateCL™, andFacilitateSDS™.

Wendy German

Project Manager

Denise Jorgensen

Project Manager

Denise has been a safety and human resources manager since 1999. She has worked in those fields for local government agencies, manufacturing, and one of the world’s largest retailers over her career. She currently assists Meridian’s clients with general health and safety consulting, return-to-work programs, and integrating safety with human resources.

Shanda Jorgensen

Senior Project Manager

Shanda comes from the healthcare industry, where she was involved with JCAHO, insurance, and safety compliance. She has been assisting Meridian's clients with general health, safety, and environmental issues since 2009.

Caroline Heaney

Project Manager

Caroline has worked with government agencies since 1994 and has significant experience with regulations and governmental processes. She assists Meridian’s clients with general health, safety, and facilities consulting.

David Stichter

Director of Security Services

David is a 20+ year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, as well as a decorated U.S. Army and SOCOM combat veteran. He specializes in vulnerability assessments and security audits, and his clients have included schools and other government agencies, and private industry. His goal is always to provide reasonable and responsible recommendations for implementing realistic security programs.

Richard Slomkowski

Project Manager

Richard has been a contractor, construction superintendent, safety officer, and owner’s representative since beginning his career in 1989. He served as an active-duty United States Marine, and many years in the United States Army Reserve. He assists Meridian’s clients with facility condition assessments, indoor air quality issues, and general facilities consulting.

Ross Henrickson

Project Manager

Ross provides support for facility consulting services in the area of CAD creation and integration. He is also an experienced safety consultant and trainer, has a Masters degree in safety, and has been working in the environmental, safety, and facilities fields since 1995.

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Meridian Consulting Group is your compass to success, providing expert consulting in health & safety, public finance, facilities management, database design, and environmental management, with a specialized focus on serving school systems in Minnesota.

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